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Trading at Tooting Market since: Feb 2022
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Hugely popular restaurant and pasta shop. Since opening in 2022 Vermicelli has built up a cult following amongst London foodies for it’s fresh, delicious and authentic Italian cuisine at great prices. Dishes include Caserecce with pistachio pesto, stracciatella & tomatoes, Burrata with truffle vinaigrette and Arancini filled with mozzarella and tomatoes!

A fresh pasta shop also accompanies the restaurant celebrating vermicelli. This pasta type has a rich history – originally made in Italy back in the 14th century and mastered by Maestro Martino da Como – the first celebrity chef back in the day, who created many dishes that provide the concrete basis of Italian cuisine and the fresh Italian pasta! Vermicelli was adopted by many Asian countries, especially in China and Japan where the variety was adapted into noodles – made from rice flour and in a thinner variation than it’s Italian cousin.

Traders Ahmos and Aleksandra have long studied this pasta and have been and fascinated by its history and how the original recipe has been changes and adapted over the years. Their focus is to celebrate the original identity of this pasta and bring it to the Tooting community in an authentic and organic way!

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0208 672 2888
Ahmos says
“Our aim is to bring the story of Vermicelli to our customers and present an authentic, original version for them to enjoy!”


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"One of the best Italian restaurants in London can be found in Tooting Market!
The food was amazing and you can taste all the super fresh ingredients perfectly cooked! I cannot wait to visit again!"

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