Miss Gloria was one of our longest-running traders and Queen of the Market, adored by fellow traders and customers alike. She’d led a hugely interesting life and always had a great story to tell, and over the years was a key feature of many written pieces about the Market, and a favourite subject for photographers. […]

Vivienne Westwood’s IOU Event at Tooting Market

Tooting Market is honoured to host Vivienne Westwood (Activist and Fashion Designer), who will be giving a talk on Stop War/Climate Change on the evening of the 9th May. Vivienne has spent many years tirelessly speaking out about the effects of climate change and over-consumption. In 2012 Vivienne inaugurated the Climate Revolution at the London […]

Book launch of Lockdown Diaries of the Working Class by Dr Lisa McKenzie

Tooting Market was thrilled to play host to the launch of this insightful book by @drlisa1968, an academic whose work focuses on issues of social and class inequality. Lisa is committed to platforming working class life and experience, and her academic work builds upon the narratives of working class communities, focusing on storytelling from the […]

Art Wall


Jenny Bardoville

Untitled (cubic forms)

Jenny Bardoville



hosted by Green Choy
every Thursday from @darcywintermusic & @br00kelaw hosted by Green Choy from 7pm onwards on their mezzanine

Sports screenings

of major sporting events
held regularly on our big screens in the central communal area of the Market (usually booking not required).
If you would like to enquire about showing your work, please contact the
Market Manager at