The Needle House of Art

Trading at Tooting Market since: 2021
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The Needle House of Art

The Needle House of Art

The Market’s resident tattoo parlour offering permanent and temporary tattoos. The Needle House offers bespoke tattoos created by highly skilled professional owners Ross and Kingsley. Ross is a Tattoo Artist, graphic designer and live art painter with many years’ experience in London tattoo shops and abroad. He’s also the Director of Ink and resident senior artist specialising in live-event temporary tattooing at the multi award winning Hip Hop Brunch London! The interiors of parlour itself are incredible, decorated with paintings of hip-hop legends. Incredible artistry and tattoo design!

Contact Number
07858 628020
Ross says
“Home is where the ‘art is”
What Ross loves about Tooting Market
“Fitting in while standing out!”


Google Review

“Once again I’m so pleased with Ross’s work. Such amazing skills!”

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