Ma’at African Art

Trading at Tooting Market since: 2015
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Ma’at African Art

Ma’at African Art

A unique shop offering incredible art and sculpture from around the world, including handcrafted pieces from Africa, Tibet, Bali, China and India. Inside the shop you’ll find an incredible array of sculptures, jewellery, tribal drums and masks. Owner Ernest will happily explain the origin and history behind every piece in his collection. The collection includes a selection of tribal masks from Ghana, Nigeria, Gabon and the Ivory Coast, Tibetan Dzi beads, wooden sculpture from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Venetian trading beads and bronze sculptures from Africa and Asia.

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07939 076033
Ernest says
“I like the growth and transformation of the market over the past 10 years”


Customer Review

“A wonderful emporium of African art with unique and well-chosen pieces”

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